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1313 wulfenkat

2011 / Helsinki
This image is more of a self-portrait via the reflection in the model.
The head goes for healthy dose of madness and savage attitude, it’s also a mass produced mask so you can take it as a kind of rebellion against something, but i wouldn’t press on that too much.
The partial nudity – passion, sexuality, desires – the pose, tease, spread legs and hand gestures (natural, not posed, but about that later) – the drive, the engine – it might be sublime, it might be aggressive – ever lasting hunger for something we cannot grasp, and when we think we got it slides through our hands and we’re hungry again.
Starry see-through – it was just so damn cute that we had to use it – it might be kitsch element, to poke your eyes with – take it as you want it.
Gesture – some particular models doesn’t need to be directed, they just know what to do, how to turn and where to find what it counts in photo. I think I wanted to drag the viewer into a play, interaction of some kind – to make you wonder why the hell she’s pointing in my direction, what’s going to happen next? To make you think finally – if you have only the simplest thoughts (those too), then it’s better than nothing at all I think. I took this one and a moments late I wanted to shoot it again, with a bit different elements around – no chance, there was not enough energy and flair in any “after that” photos. Sometimes it’s that model and photographer have ultra fast mental-link, sometimes they know each other for a long time, sometimes it’s just a luck or something.
So what then? You can believe or not, but it seems that I’m a mad, savage, sexually driven beast sublimating passion and desires into series of images to tell you stories. true stories. out-of-the-hat stories. fake stories. my stories.
Thank you for reading and thanks to my dear model, KatieKodoq.


  1. Roberto Suriguez

    Excellent work. Greetings from Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Outstanding work, especially wulfencat.

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