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Printing Tgz 356

Wet Curtain / Tgz 356 in mere 116cm x 170cm size, photographic thick paper. Nokia 5140i for size comparison. Turned out pretty well and I could tell I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Would you like it on your wall? ;)


  1. Bill

    Would I like it on my wall??????? I want it to be the wall!!! Where can I see more of Wet Curtains and how much would 2 comparable prints cost (2 different selected images from Wet Curtains series)? Thanks – have browsed all your work here Im an instant fan. I got here from a link on deviantart.com that bielegraphics posted in his “favorites” – yours is the only link I followed out of 35 pages full of links he has posted as his favorites in his profile. I intend to go back and follow more of his fav links – many many more as all seem to be all gifted and unusually imaginative artists – but yours was the first – thanks! – Bill

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