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Photojournal is closing down…

Hello there.

As you all could see, there’s not so much activity lately. It’s due to my involvment in other photography areas which are quite time and life consuming. So instead of keeping this place alive and outdated by content and by the design standards I’ll be closing it down soon. I plan to transfer images somewhere and put them in one folder for archive purposes though (and maybe someone viewing pleasure, who knows?).
And yeah – I’m still shooting nudes, fetish and so on. It’s just less time for that.

Everything will move onto new, rebuilt version of – and it will happen in Jan or Feb 2017.
Blog activities will be transfered onto more active instagram, Da, Fb and Be page (with a chance of snapchat, maybe).

So, here’s a list of places you can see my stuff and where I am reachable:

Instagram –
DeviantArt –
Facebook –
Behance –

Prints and stuff:

Redbubble –
Society6 –
– Collector prints, anything else – available on demand, please contact me directly.

Less active but still there:

Digart –

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