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planty 392 – next week


03.10.2009 / Kraków

Ohkay, I know it may be a bit graphic, but. I was there last week, took a pretty-lighty-artsy one frame and later found a piece of meat lying in the corner. I was working hard whole week on the very other project thinking about how it could be that in the very city center there could be lying piece of carcas big enough to choke on or make a whole big tank of broth. Anyway – I went there again yesterday morning to find out it’s still there and I found a second piece few meters away. There was some more leaves that time and maggots were in the middle of the fest. Here’s the location (in the center) where it is – see how close it’s to city’s main Market Square (biggest in Europe, so they say) and the fancy Jagiellonian University. And remember if you ever gonna visit Cracow – it’s a city full of surprises. Hell yeah!

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