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bang 843


Starring: Nata & GZB / 2009

I was going to write an essay about punishment for the betrayal of the mothercountry, administered by the pretty fetishised commissar, seeking revenge for something i couldn’t make up yet, but we pretty much ran out of the fake blood (and I ran out of creative lube to make my words flow like a clean stream in Ural mountains) back then and couldn’t finish what we started. So all we can show you is the sketch of a nonexistent longer story about a granddaughter of Felix Dzerzhinsky (Feliks Dzierżyński, that’s it).

thx2Przemol for being a guiding light.


  1. RadioErewan

    Anastazja Andriejewna Strzelecka, nickname Feniks. Read two Victor Suvorov novels – Control (Контроль) and Choice (Выбор) to get full vision.

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