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starring: Fagus Sylvatica


Shot this in 2005 with Olympus E-1. Edited it (custom cross-process and color variation) quite few weeks ago, thinking about how trees influenced me over years. Fagus Sylvatica along with Hornbeam were my very fascination for their capabilites to conquest the places almost completly. In many situations there were lil’ or nothing growing under the widespread branches of the light-hungry Beeches, except for the places like these, where few of them died because of fungus infestation, struck by lightning or just a strong wind. And I especially adore it’s bark, as in rural regions it often bears the messagess from past on it, anything, everything, like short love stories, hate stories cut in by the people, dates, initals, hearts, pictograms. And those “eyes” grown in the bark itself from the unused, lost, disposed branches – haunting eyes of the forest. Well… Nevermind. I shot some new nudes last week and I’m going to process them soon as only I finish what I need to do first.

Best wishes in case you celebrate Christmas, best wishes in case you celebrate something else. Much health and good stuff in upcoming activites and life. Love and peace.

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