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jdt / 2008

jdt aka “just die there” – made in 2008 as a fun project.

Puppet constructed in: ~2-3 days, mostly nights, without rush and trying out many strange ways to make bones&joints work
Shooting time: ~3-4 hours
Light used: one 40W bulb colored green
Images made: ~950 medium jpegs
Shot with: 5d@tripod, EF 50 1.4, EF 17-40L, EF 70-200L, zenitar 16mm + pack of macro bellows and some russian manual lenses for closeups
Cut & glue & loops: ~1 night
Postprocessing of the images: none, out of camera, wash&go.
Music by this dude: RHB

The puppet is still in somewhat “working” condition and was used few weeks ago here.

I’m thinking about making another one, with new actors. ;)

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