Z 1999

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Zoja / 2010-2012 I think, if I remember anything at all, that we tried to grasp or comment the objectification of a female form in so called modern culture – or maybe we just wanted to hopscotch near the subject. … Continue reading

b00b mouse

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boob mouse / 2011, Helsinki And who might you be? – asked wolf with the frightening grin. – I’m the Boob Mouse! – said the Boob Mouse with tiny, cute voice. thx2Katja for inventing this particular Boob Mouse.

Wa 387

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Wa / 2009 remixed 2011. Since I’m all against stitching different images and all such transplantations I always try to make even most wicked images be ready on the set. Though this time I had to remove the visible elements … Continue reading