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Zoja / 2010-2012 I think, if I remember anything at all, that we tried to grasp or comment the objectification of a female form in so called modern culture – or maybe we just wanted to hopscotch near the subject. … Continue reading


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GZB & Nathashah / 2009, Konin I posted similiar one shot in nearby location years ago – now I know what I wanted to do then and (re-e-)did(/t) it again.


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Polish fellow, using Russian-made guns – placed at Suomenlinna, Finland –  is aiming at Western Europe and the rest of the world. Sounds like a plan, isn’t it? / Suomenlinna, 2010

bang 843

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Starring: Nata & GZB / 2009 I was going to write an essay about punishment for the betrayal of the mothercountry, administered by the pretty fetishised commissar, seeking revenge for something i couldn’t make up yet, but we pretty much … Continue reading