Atari 526

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Atari 65XE Personal Computer / got this one somewhere in late 80’ties from Pewex store, spent (wasted?) hours retyping the many, many lines of BASIC code  and watching in awe when nothing happened because of a typo or I succeed … Continue reading

mighty frog

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KodoqKatie back in 2006 during our first shooting ever. Studio space borrowed from Wacław Wantuch. I like this image very much although I find some silly errors here and there. Gear: Olympus E-1 + 14-54 kitlens (or maybe something wider … Continue reading

cris 033

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Cris aka cris-co – made in 2009. A repost from the old journal. Made with canon eos 5d + 17-40L in my mini studio using 2x580EXII. Any guys willing to pose nude?